Here you have the post with all the information about the music photographer Alvaro Carlier.

Firstly, if you want to see all the portfolio about show click here. However, here you have all the link about photo sessions.

Music photographer: Alvaro Carlier


Every band always are thinking about who can go to their long tour taking photos. It’s complicated to find somebody, because a lot of people can’t work in something so big. But, in my case as Alvaro Carlier, I’m availble for long and short tours. You only have to contact with me (, and we will speak about all the details.

During the tour I give to the band a lot of pictures for social medias, press… All you need for make promotion about the tour with the best live photos.

However, if you are only thinking in few shows or a photo session we are go to study all the posibilites for do it. Every photo session I’m going to do the best shoots with your idea, because the promotional photography for a band is very important.

More information?

I ussually travel always with the band because by this way I can take photos during the thavel, and we can work about a Road Report. I love take photos about everything happen in the tour, because by this way the band can show to their fans their live during the tour, every success that happen in their lifes travelling around the world.

For example, I was working with a spanish folk metal band called Ocelon during one year in their tour. We worked together for make a book about the life of the band called Road Report: One Year With Ocelon. This book is very important because fans could see all about them.

However, we can work in something like this during the tour because fans love to see more about their favourites bands.

Here you can see more live photos:

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