Concert photography is one of the most important services for a band, since with this type of photographic work a group can come to remember the lived experiences on a specific date, in a city, at a festival… In addition, many bands have photographs of concerts to promote and announce new dates.

Without a doubt, I will be able to provide you with a complete report of a concert or tour. In addition, in the pack that I offer you can always have backstage photos, sound check; and, if that were the case, even the trip to the city where the band would play. However, my photographic work will include some photographs of the band’s followers during the concert, besides taking the typical final picture of the concert.

Finally, you can have photographs taken from the stage. I also want to emphasize that this is the same service that I offer for concerts that happen at festivals.

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The photographic sessions may be outdoors and / or in the studio. It is recommended at least 3 changes of clothes for each member of the band in both scenarios. In this way we can carry out a varied session to make a later selection and thus be able to have a variety according to the needs of the band.

The session time in both formats will always be flexible, as it will depend on the needs of the band. In addition, you will have a great variety of photographs to give it the use that you may need.

There will always be a pre-meeting to the session to know in detail the needs of the band, and if it is necessary to add more things to the final delivery.

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In this case, bands and the festival organizers can contact.

In bands cases, they will be able to have the full service of the concert at festival in which they arrive to play. Are included photographs of the concert, either from the pit itself or photos taken from the stage, the final concert photo… And much more!

In case the festival organizer, I can work as an official festival photographer, they will have to contact me to specify all the details. But they will have a complete dossier of the festival, which includes: photography of the public during all the days that the festival lasts, photographs of all the concerts, final photo of the concert of each band … And much more!

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What does the making of a photographic book consist of? Well, a photobook simply seeks to reflect an important and characteristic stage of the band. In this way, it will be possible to reflect as many things as they can be: a complete concert tour, the life of the band behind the scenes, as well as the stage of making an album that the band will released; and, many more things.

We will develop a script for the photobook, so, it has a continuity in the story that will be told through it at all times, so the photographic story at all times will always be of interest to the band’s audience. Also, note that I would be in charge of the layout of this work itself.

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Under my brand, I also do product photography for bands, whether for t-shirts, album cover, etc. The truth is that product photography is essential for a group to get into market its products in an optimal way, and not all bands know this sector well. That is why for me, musical photography also includes what is merchandising photography, like this we can work in a complete way.

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The reallity is that to launch a video clip, it must be study it very well, for this reason I include the photography of video clip releases. Because through the photographic work that we develop together, you will be able to have photographs of the making of, several photographs during the filming of it; and, a complete session of the band to promote the song of the video clip. It is undoubtedly one of the most interesting packs that I come to offer, do not hesitate to write me for more information.

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Are you organizing a world tour for your band and will you need a music photographer who captures every moment? You will only have to inform me of what this special tour will be like, and I will indicate all the photographic material they may have.

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